Undercover Wonders: How to Conceal Dark Circles And Prime Your Way To A Better Complexion

February 21, 2022
Dark Eye Circle Concealers

Primer and camouflaging cream are the power couple your beauty routine needs

We’ll let you in a little #flawlessskin secret. The key to a seriously smooth complexion complete with bright, rested-looking eyes (read: no heavy under-eye baggage) isn’t just a job for your foundation, although that certainly helps. There’s a better way. Sure, foundation is considered the beauty heavyweight when it comes to perfecting our complexions but we’re here to tell you to put your money on Catrice Grip & Last Putty Primer and Catrice Ultimate Camouflage Cream because they both punch above their weight when it comes to concealing dark circles and taking your complexion game to a new level. Try this skin power couple and no-fail layering and application tips for your best complexion yet and trust, people will assume you’d just had a facial–they’re that good.

You might be thinking, “Do I really need to add these two extra steps in my makeup routine?” The answer is yes and we know you’ll agree once you see that the proof is the priming and concealing results with the Catrice Grip & Last Putty Primer and Catrice Ultimate Camouflage Cream. The term to describe this skin power couple is game-changers.

Putty, Please

The latest priming secret weapon doesn’t come in a cream or gel, it’s something so much more powerful. Enter putty, which has better staying power, thanks to its ability to get a really good grip. Your pores will become a distant memory after smoothing the new Catrice Grip & Last Putty Primer onto the skin as a priming first step, using the hygienic-friendly applicator, which makes for an easy scoop.

Applying Concealer To Dark Circles

Apply the putty primer sparingly, as a little goes a long way, to areas where your pores are most prominent, such as across the tops of your cheeks and around the nose. This will help create an even, seamless-skin effect. The melt-in-your-skin formula may be known for its heavy lifting when it comes to minimizing pores and priming your canvas for foundation and concealer but the cruelty-free formula glides on effortlessly and transparently and is even free from gluten, parabens, oil, perfume, alcohol and microplastic particles.

Hey There, Bright Eyes

We’ve all heard it before, three dreaded words that, when used in succession, send you straight to a mirror (or your phone camera for a quick selfie check): You look tired. As if the statement wasn’t bad enough (like, how is it actually helpful?), what’s worse is the literal baggage it usually refers to. Under-eye bags and dark circles are enemy number one when it comes to common complexion complaints, just type in how to apply concealer to dark circles and watch all the results that come up. it’s clear: we want all the help we can get when it comes to concealing dark circles– fast.

Woman Applying Under Eye Concealer

Knowing how to apply concealer to dark circles is easy with the right product and tips. Meet your new-and-improved under-eye wonder: Catrice Ultimate Camouflage Cream. It comes in two shades: Brightening Peach (for light to medium skin tones) and Correcting Ochre (for deeper skin tones) and gives dark circles and under-eye bags a one-two brightening punch. With color-neutralizing benefits (the pink/peach tones cancel out purple/blue undertones) that banish dark circles on contact, concealing them just got a whole lot easier. The newly-upgraded formula is now vegan, and free from silicone, parabens, gluten and is cruelty-free.

Since the longlasting cream is non-comedogenic, you won’t have to worry about it clogging your pores but you do want to use a light hand when applying it. For best results, simply pat the camouflage cream onto the skin under and around the eyes as needed for ample coverage that stays put. The best way to apply concealer for dark circles is by using a stippling motion vs. trying to blend it in, which can drag the formula across the skin, leaving an uneven finish. Layer it with concealer as needed and you’ll see the amazing brightening difference a camouflaging cream makes.

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