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Highlighter Mistakes That We Want To Help Correct

 Are you guilty of these common highlighter blunders? Right this way for help Behind every gorgeous complexion and dressed-up face is likely a highlighter or two to thank. It’s the one product we’ve come to rely on for giving us a lit-from-within glow like nothing else can. Highlighters have only grown in popularity, too, which means there are so many available with even more applications and trends than ever to choose from (hello strobing, glass skin and glazed donut skin just to name a few). The result? A whole lot of highlighter-gone-wrong mistakes happening to the best of us. Below,...

The Best Makeup Look for A Job Interview In 2023

Follow these three easy rules to ace your job interview makeup. We’ve rounded up the best beauty dos and don’ts so you can make a good first impression at your next job interview. Hint: less is more.

Winter Beauty Mistakes That You Keep Making

We’ve got the best winter beauty tips to rescue your dry, irritated skin once and for all. Here are the winter beauty mistakes that are likely wreaking havoc on your skin and the solutions for fixing them for good.

Picking The Perfect Blush & Highlighter Combo For Your Skin Tone

Blush and highlighter are just the things for your best complexion ever. Here’s how to find the right blush and highlighter combo for your skin tone and the best products to get the look.

How To Perfect The Glossy Makeup Look

Make glossy makeup your go-to holiday look this season. It adds polish and prettiness and best of all, it’s perfect for every festive occasion.

The Flawless Foundation Routine You've Been Looking For

Once you find the perfect foundation routine you never need to look back. Here are the five best foundation steps with tips and secrets for flawless skin.