How To Perfect The Glossy Makeup Look

January 20, 2023
Glossy Makeup Look

Sure, shimmer and sparkle are nice but we’re making a case for a gorgeous glossy holiday makeup look instead. Here’s why it’s a must-try this holiday season.

We’ve got a beauty party trick up our festive sleeves this season that’s sure to make a statement in the best way: glossy makeup. That’s right, the holiday season is officially here and if you want to polish up real nice (in the words of Taylor Swift), a gorgeous glossy makeup look is your ticket to shine. Here’s why we’re advocating for glossy makeup, dewy skin and a whole of wow this celebration season so you can shine bright–in the best way.

Products For Dewy Skin

How to Get Dewy Skin

Hot tip: healthy skin glows and the best way to make your glossy makeup look its best is with the proper skin prep. Beyond the basics of cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating your skin, it’s a good idea to add a few key skin-boosting products to your rotation. One of our fave pre-holiday party skin tricks? Eye patches to give your eyes a major energy boost. These caffeine-and-ginseng-infused hydro gel patches will instantly soothe and brighten eyes as well as neutralize redness, thanks to ingredients like Cica and Allantoin, which are known to calm skin. Simply apply them to clean skin for 10 minutes before you apply your makeup for a major moisture boost.

Hydrated, healthy skin reflects light more evenly so to ensure your skin finds its best light possible, reach for the skin serum before you apply makeup. Who wouldn’t want plumper-looking skin before a big night out? You can achieve the look without a derm appointment with a hyaluronic acid-based serum. Think of this radiance serum like a glow shot for your skin. It brings on the youthful skin effects with hardworking ingredients like vegan collagen, bakuchiol (a gentler alternative to retinol that stimulates collagen production) and of course, the gold standard moisturizer, hyaluronic acid, for hydration and radiance.

Eye Makeup For Bright  Luminous Eyes

Eyes That Shine

Bright, luminous eyes are essential for pulling off a glossy makeup look. There are a few tricks to try for bringing in more light to your overall eye look. Start with shiny, glossy brows that frame your face. We recommend this clear brow styling gel for the job. Not only will it keep your brows neatly in place–but it’ll also add some gloss and shine to them so they look perfectly polished.

Another way to inject some high-def shine into your eye look this season is with eyeshadow that almost looks wet. Go for a metallic shade that reflects light, like frosted white, silver or gold, and concentrate it on areas like the inner and outer eye corners. Take it one step further by dabbing a tiny bit of clear lipgloss or balm underneath the brows for that true glossy-eye effect.

Highlighter For Glossy Makeup Look

Highlighter is Your Glossy-Makeup Friend

Highlighter and holiday makeup go together like milk and cookies–they’re fine on their own but so much better together. Every successful glossy makeup look and dewy skin look has a good highlighter to thank because it helps your skin reflect light and appear luminous. The best highlighter is one that makes your skin look lit from within and not super obvious. That’s why we love this baked powder option that’s infused with oil and melts into skin really well. It’s such a good texture that it works on eyelids and your Cupid’s bow, too. Just dab it on with your finger for the perfect dose of glow that’s worthy of any holiday occasion.

Applying Voluminizing Lip Gloss

Glossy Lips That Wow

POV: Is it even the holidays without a glossy lip look? A glossy pout is a festive staple because it feels special and a little extra when you’re dressed to impress. Go all out with a volumizing lip gloss that plumps and softens lips with ingredients like vegan collagen, Volulip by Sederma (an industry fave lip plumper) and a nourishing butter complex. Grab one of every color and don’t be surprised how many compliments come your way during the holiday party circuit.

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