Forget The Filler, Here's How To Get Plumper Lips For Less

February 18, 2022
A Collection Of Limp Plumping Products

The best way to plump your lips is easier and faster than you think

Voluminous lips have always been synonymous with beauty, from ancient times to today as they are said to play a key role in determining whether they or not someone is attractive. Celebs like Angelina Jolie, Kerry Washington and Scarlett Johansson are notorious for their plump pouts which let’s face it, show us that the bigger and lusher the lips, the better. And judging by the recent stats from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, hyaluronic acid was injected into more than 2.6 million people last year, a strong percentage likely for lip injections. Even if Mother Nature wasn’t generous to you in the lip department, that doesn’t mean your dreams of a plump pout should be dashed. It’s easier than ever to get plumper lips–sans pricey injections, thanks to the right products and application tips and tricks.

Here’s how to get plumper lips in three easy steps:

Step 1 - Draw The Line

The first and most crucial step to getting plumper lips is by choosing the right lip pencil. For the most natural effect, use Catrice Lip Foundation Pencil and select the shade that’s closest to your natural lip color as you’ll want the finished result to appear as seamless as possible. The creamy formula helps color glide on effortlessly and leaves lips velvety matte and smooth, thanks to its superpower of doubling as a primer that prevents feathering and color bleeding when used with your fave lipstick.

How-to: First, prep lips by diffusing the natural lip line using your favorite concealer to give you the perfect blank canvas to work with. Next, overdraw your lips by applying the lip pencil slightly beyond the natural lip line. If your cupid’s bow is very defined and pointed, you can manipulate it to be more rounded in shape, which will give you even more of a voluminous effect as seen on TikTok here.

Step 2 -Fill In The Blanks

Now that your new voluminous lip shape is well defined, it’s time to plump up the volume of your actual lips. Reach for Catrice Power Plumping Lipstick, an ultra-moisturizing bullet that contains hyaluronic acid (yes, the same ingredient used for lip filler!!) and delivers maximum shine, which will reflect light and make your lips look instantly fuller and plumper. Its lightweight gel texture and vegan, cruelty-free formula ensures your lips will stay kissable and approachable.

How-to: We recommend choosing a rosy neutral lipstick that is slightly darker than your lip pencil and applying it straight from the bullet (you don’t have to be super precise here). Next, using your concealer once again, apply it around the mouth to clean up the outer edges and define your newly plump pout.

Step 3 -Apply A Gloss Coat

Now that we’ve shown you the first couple of steps on how to get plumper lips, it’s time for the strong finish. No pillowy pout is complete without a volumizing lip gloss applied overtop. Use the Catrice Volumizing Extreme Lip Booster to make sure you reach your plump pout’s full potential. The tingly formula contains menthol and hot chili extract to help make your lips look bigger and more beautiful, while the shine adds a brilliant dimension..

How-to: Use your finger to dab the volumizing gloss on overtop of your lipstick, really concentrating it in the centre of your mouth to maximize its plumping and shine potential.



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