Blue Eyed Beauty! Eyeshadow Looks To Make Your Blue Eyes POP!

February 21, 2022
Eyeshadow Palette For Baby Blue Eyes

Meet the perfect shadow palette for enhancing your baby blues

We know, blue eyes don’t really need a whole lot of help as they already pop on their own but what if we told you there’s a way to enhance those mesmerizing baby blues even more? That’s right, and it couldn’t be easier. All it takes is the perfect eye shadow palette and a quick lesson in color theory to achieve the best eyeshadow looks for blue eyes. And if the last time you laid eyes on a color wheel was in grade school (hello, ROYGBIV), not to worry. Read on for a quick refresher on how to find the best eyeshadow looks for blue eyes and tips to enhance blue eyes with makeup.

Opposites Attract

The first rule of color theory? Opposites attract. When you look at the color wheel, you want to choose the shades in direct contrast (meaning on the opposite side) to your eye color. So, if you want to make your blue eyes pop, look to shades like brown, gold, copper and orange–and variations of them to help shine a brighter spotlight on your baby blues.

Complementary shades of blue, like indigo and navy, can also play a starring role when it comes to making blue eyes pop, not to mention offering up a softer, less harsh alternative to black. Swap your jet-black liner for navy, and your charcoal eyeshadow for midnight blue and behold the beautiful blue-on-blue results.

Looking for a palette that seems like it was made just for blue eyed beauties?  Check out this highly-pigmented eyeshadow palette with the perfect hues for blue eyes: Catrice Pro Peach Origin Slim Eyeshadow Palette

Bronze Medal

One of the most popular eyeshadow colors for blue eyes is bronze–and for good reason. Warm metallic eyeshadows bring out the best in blue gazes. Think of it like an instant brightening effect. Use shade “Bronzey” for a soft-focus smoky eye that perfectly complements the cool tones in blue eyes.  

Blue Eyes With Bronze Eyeshadow



Peachy Keen

One of the most modern eyeshadow looks for blue eyes? A graphic swipe of peachy shadow. Since orange sits directly opposite to blue on the color wheel, it packs the most pop for blue eyes. Apply the shades “Comfy” or “Misty Rose” from the Catrice Pro Peach Origin Slim Eyeshadow Palette to the inner eye corner for a graphic shadow effect that best flatters your baby blues. 

Blue Eyes With Peach Eyeshadow



Denim Wash

Blue shadow may have been an ‘80s beauty staple but we’re happy to say it’s back for 2022 (even Glamour deemed it so!). Blue is actually one of the best shadow colors for blue eyes because it reflects the eye's natural hue and intensity. Use the “Denim” shade in the Catrice Pro Peach Origin Slim Eyeshadow Palette to apply a classic smoky eye or use it along the lower lash line for a modern take on the reverse cat-eye trend.

Blue Eyes With Blue Eyeshadow

Morgan Fetcher c/o @hungvanngo


Champagne wishes

A hint of golden shimmer is a classic when it comes to a subtle yet stunning eye shadow look for blue eyes. White shadow can often appear too harsh for blue eyes, so champagne or gold also makes for a perfect highlight shade for the inner and outer eye corners. Swipe on the “Daylight” or “Graceful” shades from the Catrice Pro Peach Origin Slim Eyeshadow Palette over lids for best blue-eye results.

Blue Eyes With Golden Shimmer Eyeshadow



Haute Chocolate

Brown is anything but boring when it comes to making blue eyes shine. The rich hue is the perfect complement to a stunning blue stare whether applied as a light wash across lids or used to enhance the lower lash line. Using shades Umber” or “Cedar” in the Catrice Pro Peach Origin Slim Eyeshadow Palette makes for a fresh alternative to a black cat eye! 

Blue Eyes With Chocolate Eyeshadow

Sydney Sweeney c/o: @melissa.hernandez

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