Plump Your Pout With The New Drunk’n Diamonds Balm

January 20, 2023
Drunk'n Diamonds Plumping Lip Balm

Finally, a glam lip balm that makes our lips look healthy and glam!

We admit that we have a love-hate relationship with lip balm. From unsexy packaging to the heavily medicinal varieties that we have to scoop out of a pot, it’s not exactly the thing we want to keep reaching for even though our lips could use the TLC. Surely this explains the dozen half-used tubes and pots lurking at the bottom of our bags. So what gives? Why haven’t we found the one yet? It’s time for a reality check, friends. There is no one-size-fits-all lip balm, period. But there is the perfect one for every occasion. It’s just not fair to ask for everything in your lip balm when different circumstances call for different formulas and finishes. So now that we have that covered, it’s time to shift our focus onto the new glam lip balms that have entered the scene just in time for the holiday season. Essentially, they reap the nourishing benefits of regular lip balm only they provide a glam finish and experience, thanks to elevated packaging and sophisticated ingredients.

Here, we’re spotlighting all the benefits of the new Drunk’n Diamonds Balm.


Woman Applying Glam Lip Balm

What TikTok has to say about this product

Beyond the fact that this new glam lip balm is touted as a designer-worthy lip balm but for a steal on TikTok, its pouty-lip formula and texture speaks for itself in just one swipe. Scroll through countless GRWM videos and you can see the immediate diamond-effect results of lips that look instantly plumper, poutier and prettier. The formula is a surprise and delight, really. You can see most people swipe on all three luminous shades which each have their own personality: #10 (soft champagne), #20 (warm nude), and #30 (cool pink). Whether you’re swiping them onto naked lips or overtop of your fave lipstick, the finish is ultra pretty and unlike that of any other balm–we promise! And at the price of a latte, you can get them all guilt-free.


Let’s Take a Closer Look at its Packaging

Images Of Drunk’N Diamonds Balm

If your lip balm application always leaves you wanting a little more luxury out of the experience, you’ll appreciate the special bullet shape of Drunk’n Diamonds Balm. Decked out in hexagon-like shape, you can be precise with your application, unlike with round bullets. Whether you wear these with a lip-lined pout, by themselves or as the finishing touch to your lipstick, you won’t be disappointed.


Why The Formula Reigns Supreme

You know how some plumping lip balms make your lips tingle a little too much? This one doesn't. It gets its volumizing superpower from an ingredient called Volulip, made by Sederma, an active that features a plant-derived extract that increases lip volume over time (sort of like nature’s lip injection if you will). This sought-after ingredient is also found in many expensive lip formulas and is known for its anti-aging benefits that are said to stimulate hyaluronic acid synthesis. With added moisturizing ingredients like Vitamin E and mango butter, the hydration and protection factor is also serious business with this formula. And best of all, the lip balm not only gives you plumper lips but it’s also cruelty-free, vegan and formulated without alcohol, parabens, gluten and microplastic particles.

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