Our 7 Favorite Go-To Eyeshadow Looks This Fall

November 21, 2022
Our 7 Favorite Go-To Eyeshadow Looks This Fall

Fall eyeshadow looks are giving luxury, abundance and joy and we’re so here for it

Sweater weather is officially here and you know that means – the return of autumn eye makeup looks and the best fall eyeshadow colors!  This season, we’re so inspired by the pretty fall foliage, the return of luxe textures and all the jewel-box eyeshadow shades we have to choose from. So grab a PSL and get cozy because we’re dishing on all the must-have fall eyeshadow looks to try stat!

Jewel Tones

Jewel Tone Eyeshadow

One of our fave eye makeup looks for autumn is to embrace jewel tones. That’s right, just like we’re reaching for the emerald, ruby and sapphire in our wardrobes this time of year, the same is true for our makeup looks, especially for a night out or special occasion. These shades bring depth and richness like no other and can be used as your focal point for any fall look. The red-carpet fave is perfect for when you really need to make a beauty statement.

The best place to start in choosing a color is with your outfit. Is there a color you want to really emphasize and pull out? Begin there. Jewel-tone shades look great applied over all the lid or concentrated around the perimeter of your eye, think upper and lower lashline.

Try this eyeshadow palette it is the perfect jewel-box for all your fall looks.

Fall ombré

One of the autumn eyeshadow looks we’re most excited about is a fall ombré eye. This look essentially takes two different fall-worthy shadow shades and blends them together for a pretty multidimensional look. Not only is this look super simple to achieve, but it looks like you spent a lot of time on it–a win-win.

Nailing this look is all in the blending and color selection. Choose shades that complement each other. Our picks? An orange-red shade on the outer eye, paired with a shimmery golden brown color on the inner eye to the middle eyelid. Simply blend the shades together for a subtle ombré effect.

Try the Big Bang shade with the Spark or Elements shades in this gorgeous fall shadow palette

Spice shades

Warm & Spicy Tone Eyeshadow

There’s no shortage of warm, spice-like shadows come fall and for good reason. They work for every occasion and for every skin tone. We like to think of them like the perfect neutral cashmere sweater for fall because wearing them feels and looks just right–cozy and pretty.
So what qualifies as a spice shade? Warm tones (think cinnamon, paprika and turmeric). These shadow shades can be amped up for depth or applied softly for a subtle wash of fall color. If you want to ease into this look, try a cat eye drawn on in a warm spice shade instead of black. 

Try this versatile palette in Warm Spice

Metallic Accents

Autumn serves up the perfect opportunity to embrace metallics again. Whether the occasion calls for a hint of shimmery metallic shadow or liner, metallic accents just bring the drama–in the best way!

Since metallic shades run warm and cold, feel free to play with shades that complement your skin tone or eye color. If your skin has olive or deep undertones, go for warm shades like gold and copper. For those who have fair complexions, try experimenting with shades like silver and gunmetal.

Try this variety-packed shadow palette if you have a light to medium complexion try this multipurpose palette 

Mineral tones

Mineral Tone Eyeshadow

The past few seasons have shown us that mineral-tone shadows and liners in colors like blue, lavender and green aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. We can see the appeal. They feel fresh and unexpected, especially when you’re short on time and need to make a color statement–and quick. The good news is making them fall-worthy is easier than you think. Go for a richer version of these shades. You can apply them using a slightly heavier hand or by exploring the deeper version of the shade. Anchoring your look with a like-colored liner will also help.

Try this mini shadow palette in Modern Smokey Look

Smoke Signals

Smokey eyes were a major fixture on the fall runways and honestly, they never really go out of style in our books. This fall, however, they are a little sexier and more rock-and-roll than in seasons past. The inkier and smudged, the better. Go with classic black formulas and shades here and don’t forget to color a little outside the lines. The look is lived-in as if you went to sleep with your eyeliner on.

Try this inky black liner pencil on your inner eye rim and upper and lower lashlines for a sexy, smoldering look

Rich Brown

The eyeshadow shade that’s easily the MVP for fall? Brown of course and it’s anything but boring, believe us. A monochromatic brown eyeshadow look can be made modern with the right textures. Opt for matte textures applied all over the lid for a look that feels luxe and expensive, like the great feel of suede boots, this effect will give luxury vibes.

Try the range of rich browns from this luxe palette

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