What's In Our Beauty Travel Kit For Spring 2023?

April 04, 2023
Woman Appling Eyebrow Makeup Product

Stock these 10 beauty must-haves in your carry-on and you won’t regret it!

Real quick: Is your makeup travel kit ready and prepped for spring travel plans? Or is your approach to what beauty products to pack for travel more of a last-minute to-do item on your list? We have a better idea. Get your notes app ready because we’re dishing on the top 10 beauty products to pack in your beauty travel kit so you can get out of Dodge in style. Whether you’re a classic over-packer or a travel minimalist who prefers carry-on only, this one’s for you. So grab that travel case you’ve saved on TikTok because you’ll want to fill it with spring-travel-worthy essentials.

1. A travel-size friendly cleanser

Makeup Primer For Clear Complexion

Just because you’re OOO doesn’t mean your skincare routine should be too. When we travel, our skin can act out in the form of unexpected breakouts or irritation. This is why a sensitive-skin-friendly cleanser is a spring travel must. Not only is this 100 ML formula carry-on approved, but you can also use it to remove all the day’s residue (hello sunscreen from a beach vacay or pollution build-up from walking busy city streets) while ensuring your skin stays calm and cared for at the same time.

2. An oil-control primer

Say it with us–primer is a makeup travel kit must. This skincare-makeup hybrid does double duty by giving your complexion an air-brushed effect while acting as a makeup enhancer for your beauty products. If you prefer to leave the foundation at home during travel then a primer is definitely for you. Use it to minimize the look of pores,
mix it with your concealer to make it a tinted moisturizer, and use it to extend the wear of your spring travel makeup look.

3. A pro-worthy concealer palette

It’s no joke that this concealer is called Allround because it’s all you need for making sure you look your best while traveling no matter what life throws at you (or your skin). Wake up with dark circles? Use color-correcting peach to cancel them out. Oh, that inflamed pimple that decided to hijack your travel plans? Covers up nicely, thanks to the green in this palette. Ditto for the nude tones that will nix any red or irritated areas around the nose and brighten them up instantly. Believe in the magic of this do-it-all concealer palette–you won’t look back.

4. A lip-saving overnight mask

Overnight Lip Mask Product

Let’s face it, our lips need TLC pretty much always but even more so when it comes to spring travel. Stock this super hydrating yet non-sticky overnight lip mask to wake up with smoother lips come morning. It packs vitamin E and shea butter to restore lips to their hydrated glory. Tip: If your travel plans include a flight that’s longer than three hours, apply this to your lips before take-off so you’ll have soft, hydrated lips by the time you land.

5. A bronzer and blush highlighter palette

One of the more obvious products to be overlooked for spring travel kits are bronzers, blush, and highlighters. Why? They usually come in clunky compacts, taking up way too much beauty real estate. Well, with this multiuse palette, not anymore. We love the fact that this palette allows for complete customization and freedom from
having to overpack. Even better–the bronzer and highlighter shades can also be used on the eyes in place of shadow.

6. An eyebrow pencil

Whether your spring travel plans are high-maintenance or low-key, you’ll benefit from packing a versatile eyebrow pencil. If your nights call for going more glam, pencil in a more dramatic brow shape. If your goal is to simply look polished, use the brow pencil to fill in any sparse areas and follow your natural shape for best results. While we would never travel without a brow pencil, this one gets bonus points for the built-in brow comb.

7. Clear mascara/brow gel

Clear Mascara And Brow Gel Product

While a clear mascara/brow gel may not be the number one item on your travel makeup kit list, here’s why you absolutely still need it. Besides the fact that it takes up so little space in your bag, its dual-purpose benefits are the real selling point. You can use it as a natural mascara for days you’ll be mostly poolside (no need to worry about raccoon eyes here). You can also use it to brush up your brows and avoid any unruly brow moments. The formula dries down instantly and gives the most natural finish.

8. An eyeshadow stick

There’s just something about a beauty product in stick form that we love for packing in our makeup travel kits. This eyeshadow stick is the answer to what eye products to pack for travel. You can swipe it on your lids and inner eye corners for the perfect creamy color that’s pigmented enough to rival any of your powder eyeshadows.
It also has aloe vera, which is great for when you indulge in a little too much fun in the sun. If you’re a fan of a no-muss no-fuss formula, add this to your cart stat.

9. A glam mascara

The next best thing to lash extensions for your spring travel plans is a glam mascara that rivals falsies. This best-selling fave serves up maximum lash volume and curl, thanks to its curved brush and non-clumping formula. Trust us when we say it’ll even allow you to leave the lash curler at home–it’s that good!

10. A glossy lip oil

Lip Gloss Oil Makeup Product

No makeup travel kit is complete without a multipurpose lip formula. “Lips oils are a great combination of lip balm, lipstick, and gloss,” says celebrity makeup artist Emily Gray. She explains that they have the same effect that gloss does because they make your lips look shiny and radiant. The Powerful 5 glossy lip oil formula is unique because of its pH effect and unique-to-you shade and nourishing texture. “I love how silky this lip oil feels on, there’s no stickiness whatsoever,” she says. If you’re still looking for a reason to stock these in your beauty travel kit, know that this product is the winner of 2023 Harper’s Bazaar Best of Drugstore Awards Best Lip Color category.

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