What’s in and out for 2024: Spring Beauty Edition

March 05, 2024
What’s in and out for 2024: Spring Beauty Edition

Since winter isn’t really, well, wintering right now, our minds are already on all the spring makeup inspiration and the fresh looks that are soon to be served. Plus, the new year has us reflecting on our own in and out list for 2024–beauty edition. So, we’re looking ahead to bring you the spring makeup inspiration that will give you the best value for your buck. We’re also looking at what’s out so you can get rid of the looks that are no longer serving you. Consider this the only in-and-out list your beauty routine needs.


Out: Overly Made-Up Skin

In: A Healthy Complexion

Okay, we know how much you love your full foundation routine so hear us out on why we’re suggesting you lighten up a little for spring. The look of layers and layers of base makeup looks good on social media and within close distance to a ring light but it’s not exactly the most practical for every day. This spring is all about enhancing over masking. This is where tinted serum foundation comes in. It’s substantial enough for light to medium coverage yet still sheer enough to let your natural skin tone shine through. With ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, this tinted serum foundation gives your skin the hydration shot it needs for a radiant skin effect.

Out: GRWM Looks That Take An Hour or More

In: Timesaving Beauty Routines

Products that do double duty? Immediately, yes! Our mornings are strapped as it is and we need something (anything!) to help us save a few minutes wherever possible. Enter multipurpose products that save you time and room in your makeup bag. Use these where it matters most: on your complexion to ensure your skin still looks polished even though it only takes a few minutes to apply.


Contouring stick - Use one end of this magic face shaper to elevate your cheekbones and areas of the face you want to define like the top sides of the forehead into the hairline and along the sides of the nose. Blend the highlighting end onto areas of the face where you want to bring dimension like the apples of the cheeks, down the bridge of the nose and to the middle of the forehead.



Filter Fluid - This skin miracle worker can be used in so many ways, from a straight-up filtered face glow, to a luminous makeup base, a highlighter or even mixed with your regular foundation for a radiant skin effect. It’s also super lightweight and an amazing dupe for a flawless filtered skin product that costs much more. Do your spring makeup routine a solid and get one stat.



Out: Pricey Designer Products

In: Crazy Good Dupes

In this economy, dupes are a no-brainer and just smart from a savvy shopper's POV. They give you the same results but at a fraction of the cost of designer versions. Thankfully we have TikTok to do the field research and tell us which dupes are the real deal. Here are a couple of our spring makeup inspiration favs:


Under Eye Brightener - This formula sells out for a reason: it’s way more affordable than its pricey counterpart mentioned here. It also banishes dark circles on contact leaving eyes way brighter in an instant. Not only does it melt and blend into the skin like a dream, but one pot lasts so long making it a real makeup MVP.

Tinted Lip Oil - This might not come with a French designer label but it sure packs the same lip punch as one. This silky lip oil coats lips with a hint of sheer color that feels as luxe as it looks on the lips. We’ll take one of each color, please!


Out: Overly Dramatic Falsies

In: Really Good False Lash Mascara

False Lash Mascara - Forget distracting overly fake lashes and grab this drama-giving mascara instead. It makes quick work on lashes by giving them a major doll-like upgrade in just a few swipes. It’s no wonder it’s an influencer favorite and spring makeup essential.

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