Keeping Your Skin Hydrated This Season

November 22, 2023
Keeping Your Skin Hydrated This Season
  • Supercharge your Skincare

When the cold weather hits, it can make you want to completely overhaul your entire skincare regimen. Our POV? That’s not necessary. A better bet is taking stock of what’s working for your skin and what isn’t and making subtle swaps instead. For example, if your lightweight moisturizer from the summer isn’t giving your skin the moisture it needs, go with a richer formula for your winter skincare routine. Ditto for your cleansers. One must-have winter skincare hero product is serum. This is non-negotiable this time of year. Serums contain good-for-skin active ingredients and an effective texture for penetrating skin so you can see results quickly.


Try: Hydro Supercharged Serum. With triple-grade hyaluronic acid and 5% niacinamide to hydrate and treat skin, you can expect an instant healthy skin boost and 48-hour hydration.




  • Swap your Primer

An easy swap to get your skin winter-ready is right-sizing your primer. Maybe you relied on a pore-refining or oil-free formula in the warmer months. For winter, reach for one with vitamin C (the holy grail of skin brighteners). When dullness comes for your skin time of year, this radiance miracle worker is your best line of defence. Want in on pro winter-skin tip? Treat your skin’s hydration in layers for the best results.

Try: Vitamin C Primer. With 2% percent vitamin C, kiwi fruit extract and peach oil, your face will be treated to a dose of radiance (it’s like juicing but for your skin). Use this alone or before your base makeup for glowing results.



  • Switch to Moisturizing Base Makeup Formulas

Do your winter complexion a solid and switch to a hydrating base makeup, even if your skin is oily or combination. Your complexion represents your overall look so you want to take the time to prevent it from looking dull and dehydrated. The quickest way to do that is to get your foundation or base makeup sorted. Go for formulas that contain active ingredients (hyaluronic acid is your friend!) and use hydrating claims on the label. Remember: the theme of your winter beauty regimen is hydration!


Try: Nude Drop Tinted Serum. With hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, this water-based formula blends easily into the skin to create a radiant complexion.




  • Your Lips Need Oils

For truly hydrated skin in winter, you have to pay extra attention to vulnerable areas like your lips, which can get dry, fast. And let’s face it, once your lips feel and look chapped, it’s too late to fix them in a hurry. So, get into the practice of daily lip care. What does that look like? Again, hydrating in layers. Reach for formulas that contain nourishing oils to keep your lips in prime condition. This is key for the current glossy lip trend, which just looks better on smooth lips.


Try: Lip Lovin Lip Serum to give your skin a healthy dose of skin-loving oils and hydration. Also try: Tinted Lip Oil which is like a gloss meets balm but with a pH reacting tint so you can have a custom lip color to call your very own.





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