Meet TikTok's Viral Eye Brightener

December 15, 2023
Meet TikTok's Viral Eye Brightener

Viral beauty products come and go but the best ones stick around and become hall-of-fame worthy. This under-eye brightener is one of them. It’s beloved by beauty fans all over the world including one Bethenny Frenkel, who recently said it could be her new favorite concealer. The real reason why this viral eye brightener is a bestselling must-have for so many? It gives flawless under-eye results that you have to experience to believe (think best-case filter) at a fraction of the price of other eye brighteners with similar results. The secret lies in its subtle color-correcting undertones of pink in the “light rose” shade and peach in the “warm nude” shade.


Why It’s So Good

What makes up a viral eye brightener? Many factors, actually. First off, the texture of this eye brightener is creamy but not heavy so you can really blend it into the skin. It also makes it super easy to apply under your concealer for that lit-from-within effect.

Now, let’s talk dark circles. Ever notice how they have a bluish tone? The peachy-pink or peach tones in these eye brighteners essentially cancel that out so your under-eye area is bright and balanced looking.



Finally, this formula is actually hydrating and won’t dry out that delicate skin under your eyes. This is important because dry skin equals makeup that settles into the fine lines. This brightener keeps skin hydrated with the help of hyaluronic acid and shea butter.


How to Use It:

Scroll through enough #GRWM videos and you’ll see that this eye brightener can be applied in so many different ways. If you’re a beauty minimalist, you might consider using your fingers to tap into the skin. This helps warm up the formula so that it melts into the skin. Applying this viral eye brightener is also easy with a small concealer brush or moist beauty sponge. A little of this formula goes a long way so start with a small amount and build to your desired coverage. While you can wear this alone for an instantly-awake eye effect, you can also wear it underneath your fav concealer for a truly luminous eye look.



Hacks to try:

1. Think of this eye brightener as a high-powered concealer and use it on any other areas that could use a brightening lift, such as around the nose. 

2. Need more of a color-correcting effect for particularly dark circles? Try enhancing the pink or peach tones by adding a bit of your cream blush to you under-eye brightener to boost its concealing powers. 

3. For pro-worthy results, set it with a mattifying powder for a long-lasting luminous effect. 


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