Latte Makeup: Full Look Under $30

November 22, 2023
Latte Makeup: Full Look Under $30

Latte makeup TikTok is the vibe we’ve been waiting for! Why? Because it’s sultry, smoky and super easy to achieve. It’s also really forgiving because it’s centered around a neutral color palette of brown. But don’t get us wrong–latte makeup is anything but boring. So what exactly is latte makeup? It actually mixes up shades and textures for a warm, bronzy look that can be worn naturally or amped up for more glam. After all, it is a go-to look for Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid and Lizzo, not to mention the darling of our for you page on TikTok right now. While this trend is pretty much seasonless, we’re team #lattemakeup for fall all the way. Here’s how to get the full latte makeup look for under $30!


Start with a natural-matte complexion.

Sure, latte makeup is all about beautiful bronzy eyes, cheeks and lips, but it’s important to lay a good foundation base first. Since this trend relies on shimmery metallic brown tones, we love to pair it with a matte complexion. Use your favorite, tried-and-true high-coverage matte foundation to even out your complexion and set yourself up with a seamless base.




The latte eyes have it.

 A crucial step to pulling off latte makeup is getting the subtle smoky eye right. Start with this blendable pencil eyeliner in the shade Brownie to add definition to your eyes (it’ll also help the eyeshadow you apply overtop last longer). Blend it out so you have a subtle smoky effect, ensuring you cover the lower lashes too. Next, apply a warm-toned brown eyeshadow from this mocha-inspired eyeshadow palette to the lids, going past the eye crease and blend it well. Then, you’re going to add a highlight shade from the palette (we love the coppery hue) to your lids using your finger to concentrate the color close to the upper lash line. For extra dimension, take a lighter highlight shade, like champagne, and apply it to the inner eye corners. If you’re going for more glam, go back in with your eyeliner and apply it to the waterline and overtop of the upper lash line as a finishing step before topping off your look with your fave mascara.


Give cheeks the Midas touch.

By concentrating monochromatic color on the eyes and lips, your cheeks can play a supporting role in the latte makeup TikTok trend. So when you’re figuring out how to best apply your latte makeup look, think less is more for your cheeks (sorry, no heavy contour needed here!). Opt for a subtle hint of bronze on your cheeks using this shimmery bronze tint that you can also use to highlight your eyes and cheeks.




Finish with a coffee-inspired lip color.

As if we couldn’t love this latte makeup trend more, it also features a fab mocha-inspired lip. From caramel to dark coffee, you’ve got options for the most flattering for-you lip hue. Try to choose the color that’s within one or two shades of your eyeshadow for best results. As for texture, we love this long-lasting matte lip pen in shades Cinnamon Spice and Mocha Me Happy for the latte makeup look. Finish with a swipe of whatever clear gloss you’ve got on hand and there you have it: a latte makeup look that’s pure goals.



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