How to: Apply Liquid Blush Like A Pro

April 29, 2024
How to: Apply Liquid Blush Like A Pro

If flushed cheeks and a healthy glow are your vibe, this liquid blush how-to is for you. But first, we’re unpacking why liquid blush is trending. Call it the glazed skin effect but blush is following suit. Dewy blush is everywhere right now and we know why it’s considered liquid gold for the face. It’s the fastest way to a complexion glow up with just one product. Foundation may give you a flawless filtered skin effect but only a liquid blush will give you that gorgeous flush. If you’ve ever been intimidated by liquid blush, you’re not alone. There is an art to applying it and we’re breaking it down below.


Liquid Blush Is For You If…

While liquid blush can enhance any skin type, it’s especially glorious on dry or mature skin. If fine lines are starting to creep in, liquid blush can help! “As we age, skin lacks radiance and gets thinner and drier so it’s important to use a product that brings that back,” says celebrity makeup artist Emily Gray. “Liquid blush gives skin a more hydrated appearance with buildable color so you can put on as little or as much as you want.”


How to Choose Your Best Liquid Blush Color

Choose a liquid blush that complements your skin’s natural undertones (warm or cool) for the most flattering flush. You know how you look when you blush naturally? That’s the look you’re going for. Be sure to test your liquid blush hue out on your skin while wearing foundation, for best results.


How to Apply Liquid Blush Like a Pro

If you want to apply your liquid blush like a pro, your placement and application technique matter. Here’s how and where to apply liquid blush. On prepped skin (and overtop of your complexion product of choice), use your fingers, a beauty sponge or a dense blush brush to apply liquid blush to the apples of the cheeks. “Blend the product up and above the apples of the cheek for a face-lifting effect,” says Gray, who explains that applying product downwards can drag the face down. Be sure to blend your product in well so there are no harsh makeup lines. You can do this by working quickly as liquid blush tends to set faster than a powder variety. Remember, less is more when it comes to the best liquid blush application. If you’re trying a new formula for the first time, start with a few dabs of product on each cheek and go from there.


Which Liquid Blush Formula is Right For You?

No, not all liquid blush formulas are the same. Knowing your creams vs. your liquids can help. A cream blush has a more solid texture and typically imparts more pigment, while a liquid blush flows (like this one from a tube) and is buildable to your desired intensity. 


For naturally pretty results, choose a liquid blush with a lightweight texture and a strong color payoff. Gray says this formula is also mature-skin friendly because it has a serum-like texture that’s hydrating and long-lasting. No settling into fine lines, here!


TIP: Came on too strong with your liquid blush? You can easily tone it down by using a powder brush and some loose powder.


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