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June 28, 2017 By
  • Tips & Tricks

Work Makeup 101

We love lavish makeup on runways and in social media, but we can’t all spend hours doing our makeup everyday. That doesn’t mean we can’t look fabulous on the job though. The key to great work makeup is to keep it light, keep it fresh, and make it last all day. Here’s our top tips for guaranteeing your makeup is as hardworking as you are.

Primer: it’s all about that base

Primer – it’s what makes the difference between skin that is still stunning at the end of the day and skin that looks every bit like it’s been through a marathon department meeting. Primer will ensure your makeup stays put and give you the glow-from-within look we all want to start (and end) the day with. The Catrice Prime & Fine Beautifying Primer works well at the office because it’s soft rosé color and vitamin E-fortified formula contains pearl pigments for an instant complexion boost. Used under foundation, it gives you a lasting and gorgeous glow.

Shine patrol: banish oily complexions

Some days are as easygoing as a day at the beach, but others can bring on stressful situations that may leave you perspiring. Regardless of whatever the day brings, you want to ensure your face doesn’t reveal the wrong kind of glow – the one where oil is the featured guest on your face. The Prime & Fine Mattifying Powder is not only the ideal way to set your concealer or foundation, but also perfect for those midday touch-ups to banish excess facial oil. This hero product not only fits nicely in your handbag, but has a mirror for those necessary touch-ups throughout the day.

Enhance the Eyes: the “window” to your soul

Enhancing your eyes is a great way to keep your work makeup looking professional and polished. Sometimes simplicity is best. Darken and lengthen lashes with a product like Luxury Lashes Ultra Black Volume Mascara. Then, add definition and character (that lasts) with Glam & Doll Super Black Liner.

Read my Lips: a lasting pop of color

Should you want to make your work look standout, lipstick is the surefire way to go. Catrice Ultimate Color Lipstick in Red My Lips is a classic power color. If red isn’t your thing, then a polished pink nude shade is perfect to brighten up your makeup and bring the look together (without the obvious fading and lipstick marks on the coffee mugs).

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