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August 02, 2017 By
  • Tips & Tricks

Summer Vacation Packing Tips

Always aspire to pack light on beauty products when you travel? With these tips, and long-lasting products, you can!

We all know packing for travel can be as stressful as traveling itself (considering the state of flying these days, no surprises there). However, with a little prep work, streamlining your summer travel beauty routine can help alleviate some of the stress.

Check it out:

1. Stick to the essentials (so you can get yourself a treat!)

Remember the first rule: pack light to save room for souvenirs! Make room by whittling down your travel beauty product list to the essentials. Essentials can include items like cleanser, moisturizer, concealer, tinted lip balm, and mascara. This will leave room in your suitcase for unique souvenirs like natural handmade soap, single note fragrances, and adventurous lip colors.

2. Use products that last…and last...and last

If you’re exploring a new city, or hanging out on the beach, chances are you either aren’t thinking about reapplying your makeup, or don’t have the opportunity to do so. Plus, lugging around touch-up products isn’t ideal. So, pack and wear products with major staying power – like Catrice’s new Aqua Ink Lip Stain. An extremely lightweight, water-based gloss, it tints your lips with semi-permanent pigments. It’s available in four summery shades (Pink Waterfall Swoo-Hoosh, Jump into the Red River, Burgundy Sunset Waves and Let’s Mauve to the Beach) that won’t bleed or transfer. For an especially voluminous and long-lasting look, exfoliate and moisturize your lips before applying the stain using the Catrice Prime And Fine Multitalent Lip Scrub & Balm.

3. Rethink liquids and pack travel-friendly products

Avoid “major shampoo explosion” and rethink your liquid beauty essentials. You might have a favorite shampoo, cleanser, or body wash, but there is no reason to bring entire bottles. Full-size packaging takes up space and creates weight so repackage liquids into that cute travel kit that’s been collecting dust. Furthermore, consider replacing liquid products altogether with other alternatives. Products like Catrice’s 12 Hour Matt Mousse Make Up or the Prime and Fine Anti-Shine Blur Stick will keep imperfections at bay without the risk of spilling in your suitcase.

Happy trails!