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May 10, 2017 By
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Smokey Eyes for Day and Night

For some of us, the smokey eye is a scary proposition. Maybe it’s because of all of the blending? Anyway, this seductive look is actually quite easy and can be updated with a nude palette to suit both day and night.

To start the nude smokey eye, you’ll need light, medium and dark nude shadows, like those found in the Catrice Chocolate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette. With six shades in both matte and shimmery shadows, there will be something to suit your skin tone and style. Also, remember to prep your lids with a great base, like the Prime & Fine Brightening Eyeshadow Base.

Step 1: A light dusting

Once prepped, sweep the lightest shade onto the lid making sure not to over apply at this point.

Step 2: Make your mark

Then use a matte/medium shade to define the crease. This mid-color shade is intended for the middle of the lid and should fade to the corner.  

Step 3: Bring on the Drama

To create drama, create a “C” in the outer-corner of the eye with the darkest shadow. Working from the outside in, blend so that it fades across the lid. Then take the darkest shade and carefully line your bottom and top lids and blend! Abstaining from the liner will make the look softer for daytime.

Step 4: Major Key

The key to making the smokey eye work for day is to keep the rest of your makeup simple. A simple swipe of bronzer to contour and a natural lip will do the trick.

Bonus (For Night): Get Bolder

When the sun sets, intensify the color of your nude smokey eye with liner. To start, line the inside of the lower lid with a dark brown kohl liner (like the Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Chocwaves). Then follow the steps above for the daytime nude smokey eye. Finish with lining your upper and lower lid, working from the outside in. Line about three-quarters of the top and bottom and blend to achieve maximum smokiness. Once you are finished with your eyes, apply a lipstick in a chic but muted shade (our fave is the Ultimate Stay Color in Nude-Tastic). Soft pinks, sandy mauves and berries work beautifully for evening as well.

Once you’ve perfected the look in nude shades, experiment with other color families, like dramatic grays, rosy pinks and moody blues. Share your looks with us on Instagram!