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June 14, 2017 By
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Red Lipstick and Skin Undertones

Red lipstick. It’s a classic and (for some of us) totally intimidating. How do some people wear it so well? Well, they’ve probably found the shade that perfectly suits their skin’s undertone.

Cool, warm, and neutral. Regardless of how light or deep your skin’s shade is, it is actually your skin’s undertone that matters when selecting the perfect red lipstick shade.

Not sure what skin undertone you have? It’s easy to find out. Take a look your wrist veins. If they’re blue, you have cool undertones. If they’re green, you have warm undertones. If they’re in-between, you likely have neutral undertones.

Cool undertones

If you have a pink, red, or blue tint to your skin, you have cool undertones. Other indicators? You probably look better in silver jewelry and burn before you tan. Sound like you? Then stick with red lipsticks that have blue and purple undertones. Catrice’s Ultimate Color Lipstick in Red My Lips is perfect when you want no-fuss, one-swipe coverage.

Warm undertones

If your skin has a golden or olive hue, you have warm undertones. In addition to wearing gold well, you are probably a bit of a “bronzed goddess” in the summer (who is covered in a sunscreen, of course). Unsurprisingly, red lipsticks with yellow undertones and rich orange shades are your go-tos. For an absolutely on-trend look, go matte with Catrice’s Ultimate Stay Lipstick in Looks Like Coral.

Neutral undertones

Congratulations! The world is your red lipstick oyster. Virtually any red lipstick shade looks lovely on you. So, go forth and live the dream of total red lipstick freedom – especially with shades that straddle the cool and warm color divide. For long lasting and matte coverage, try Catrice’s Matt 6Hr Lip Artist in Fashion Reditorial.

When it’s all said and done however, if you find a shade of red that you love who cares about undertones? Red lips scream confidence, and if you love yours it’ll show.