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March 29, 2017 By

Meet Franceska Garza

Get to know beauty influencer Franceska Garza as she shares her effortless beauty tips and the keys to lasting confidence

Tell us about the women who inspire you.

My mom, sister, and grandma are my biggest inspirations since we all share a mutual love for all things makeup and beauty. My sister and I learned about makeup and how to take care of yourself from our grandma and mom. Not only are they glamorous in their own way, but these women are also confident, strong, and smart. They never stop inspiring and encouraging me to keep working hard on the things I love.

What's your go-to makeup trick?

Always use two different types of mascaras – one is just never enough for me. I find using two mascaras will target different needs and always results in extra voluminous lashes.

What are your makeup "must haves" that you wouldn't leave the house without wearing?

A few coats of mascara are always a must before I leave my house. I believe my lashes completely finish off any look. My favorite mascara is the Catrice Glam&Doll Curl & Volume Mascara. With its curling formula, I can skip the lash curler altogether.

What's your biggest beauty mishap?

I was guilty of visiting tanning beds once upon a time, but I will never make that mistake again. Natural Vitamin D from the sun is so good for you! Plus there’s no need for a tanning bed with all the great self-tanners on the market nowadays.

The trend that needs to end is the idea that we all need to look alike. Makeup is for creativity and expression – never for conforming.

What trend do you hope will be left behind? Which one should stay?

The trend that needs to end is the idea that we all need to look alike. Makeup is for creativity and expression – never for conforming. Beauty can be so much more than contouring, highlighting, and sculpting ourselves into a single ideal of beauty.

As for a beauty trend that should stay, I’m a huge advocate for skincare. Caring for your skin is an amazing ritual, which gives you a few minutes in the morning and at night to relax.

How do you embody the words Beauty Never Stops?

Beauty goes farther than just makeup – it never stops! I love that Catrice reminds us that Beauty Never Stops since I stand behind that in so many ways. Makeup is an awesome tool to help express inner and outer beauty in endless ways.

What's the key to confidence?

My key to confidence is embracing whatever makes you happy. I think that confidence and happiness go hand in hand. If you’re doing and sharing the things that bring you happiness and fill your heart, your confidence will shine through effortlessly.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself working at something I really love. I see myself surrounded by friends and supporters that also love to see me grow and thrive in my business. I pray for a lot of happiness and love now and in the future!

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