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July 13, 2017 By
  • Tips & Tricks

Makeup at the Gym

Exercising makes you feel great, but you want to look great while you’re at it, too. So, when you’re workin’ on your fitness, this is what you should consider wearing.

Spot coverage

Rather than committing to full-face coverage, simply apply concealer to key areas before working out. Blending a lightweight and natural-looking product like Liquid Camouflage Concealer around the nose, under the eyes, and on any blemishes will even out your complexion, but avoid meltdown.

Add a hint of color

When you’re giving it your all, you’re already going to be rosy, so to add just a hint of color, try a tinted lip balm like Catrice’s Tinted Lip Glow Balm. Not only is this balm super hydrating but it also plays the double role of creating a shade perfect just for you.

Minimize shine

The great thing about working out is that you’ll soon be glowing, so you can swap out your highlighter for a product with anti-shine properties. The Prime & Refine Anti-Shine Blur Stick is all you need to control unwanted shine and blur fine lines and enlarged pores, so you won’t look like an oil slick when your sweat session is over.

Waterproof mascara

It seems rather obvious, but it is worth mentioning that if you plan on working up a sweat you’ll want to wear waterproof mascara. A longwear, waterproof mascara like Lashes To Kill Waterproof Mascara will create thick lashes, but won’t run down your face during spin class. Curling and applying one coat will be enough to define your eyes – no liner or eyeshadow needed.

Whatever you decide to wear, remember, the single non-negotiable rule: cleanse immediately after working out!