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September 27, 2017 By
  • Tips & Tricks

Make ‘em matte!

Want to create the perfect matte lip? How about a nude, or a shade just for you? You can, with lip pencils! And, good news, Catrice has two new lip pencils out this month!

Lip pencils are a great option for nailing the velvety matte lip with a single product and Catrice is releasing two new lip pencils this month: the Lip Foundation Pencil and the Lip Glow Lip Pencil. I tested both and came up with the following steps to create two different matte lip looks.

Step 1: Prep your lips

Catrice’s lip pencils are very moisturizing, but lip pencils in general will make any flakiness obvious. Though you should be exfoliating and moisturizing your lips on the regular (try Catrice’s Prime & Fine Multitalent Lip Scrub & Balm), if you aren’t, then be sure to do both before you begin your makeup. It will give your lips time to absorb the balm.

Step 2: Pick your look

Matte and nude, or matte and just for you? I tried both looks. For Friday evening, I used the Lip Foundation Pencil in Addicted to Café Au Lait. It’s creamy and pink beige. For Saturday afternoon’s farmer’s market I used Lip Glow, which reacted to the pH in my skin to create a shade just for me!

Step 3: Nail the Cupid’s bow

Lip pencils do require some level of precision, so to ensure my cupid’s bow was perfect I marked it with an “x”. Then, I also lined the center of my bottom lip.

Step 4: Connect the lines…with more lines

As you would with any lip pencil routine, complete the first part of the job by lining the rest of your lips. It’s easy if you connect your Cupid’s bow “x” with the corners of your mouth. Then, connect the bottom line with the same points. Voila! Perfectly lined lips.

Step 5: Soften the edges

Prevent the dreaded “ring” and use your finger to soften the lines, pulling the product inwards.

Step 6: Fill (and blot if necessary)

Full disclosure: I was worried about this part. Filling my lips with pencils in the past was always a bit unpleasant. Dry and tugging. The Catrice pencils however, were both up to the task. Soft, but fast drying, they both created a velvety matte look in a minute and were long lasting. For the evening look, I gently blotted with tissue paper.

Want to try lip pencils for yourself? Check out the web store for all the shades!