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July 01, 2017 By
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How to Make the Metallic Trend Work for Your Eye Color

Choosing the right metallic eyeshadow shade can help enhance and intensify any eye color. If you’re clueless where to start, follow this guide to find your perfect match.

Good news, Catrice is bringing its Liquid Metal Long Lasting Cream Eyeshadow stateside this month. Reflecting the light like liquid metal, the creamy formula is high coverage and long lasting. Available in five mellow shades, the eyeshadow makes the unstoppable metallic eye trend super approachable – particularly if you score the perfect match for your eye color.

Aqua + Amber Eyes

Spin the color wheel from grade school art class and you’ll find aqua and amber at opposite ends of the spectrum. They are both however, a perfect pairing for Champagne Shower. A warm bronze shade, the orange tones of Champagne Shower are a monochromatic complement for an amber eye, but also contrast beautifully with the turquoise hues of aqua eyes.

Green Eyes

There’s a reason why grandma’s rose garden is so beautiful when in full-bloom: pink and green are made for each other. So, if you are lucky enough to have green eyes, take a cue from Mother Nature when you explore the metallic trend. Though taupe is the tried and true shade for bringing out flecks of amber in green eyes, the pink pigments in Daily Dose of Rose make such a unique eye color really pop.

Blue or Hazel Eyes

If you are in possession of a pair of big baby blues, then forget what mom always said about finding a matching eye shadow. Blue eyes love being rimmed with warm tones, from bronzes to rich taupe shades like the ones found in Brown Under. This color is also ideal for those with hazel eyes, because the neutral shade pairs well with the intriguing and ever-changing brown/blue/green/grey eye color combination.

Brown Eyes

Fast fact: the majority of the world’s population has brown eyes. If that’s not exactly news to you, maybe you’ll find the next bit of trivia interesting: brown eyes look great when gilded with shades of purple. The soft lilac of Smart Mauve for example, is an especially friendly shade and perfect for a soft wash of metallic color.

Simply looking for a shade that goes with everything? The pale peach of California Creamin’ has approachably warm undertones that make it the ideal pairing for any eye color and any skin tone. If you’re on the hunt for a metallic that will make your eyes luminous, day and night, look no further.

No matter what eye color you have, the new Liquid Metal Long Lasting Cream Eyeshadows, are sure to make them pop. Try them all here and be sure to tag your look with @catriceus for a chance to be featured on our homepage.