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November 08, 2017 By

Holiday beauty gifts: Buy right for the personality type

You literally cannot go wrong with gifting cosmetics during the holidays. But, what to buy? To pick the right present for each person on your list check out this gift guide.

Who: Laidback minimalist

What to buy: Products that show off a glowing complexion and the Holiday Classics Bundle

Casual chic is the go-to look for the laidback minimalist. They’re all about natural looks that showcase the results of a healthy skincare regime. Worn under foundation or on its own, the Prime and Fine Nude Glow Primer enhances beautiful skin further. Lip care is just as important. The Prime And Fine Multitalent Lip Scrub & Balm delivers with cherry particles and apricot oil to simultaneously smooth and soothe. Throw a tube of Vitamin Lip Treatment into the mix and the minimal beauty look is achieved. With vitamin E and Q10, the gloss creates a shiny rosé finish, while antioxidants pamper.


Other suggestions:

HD Liquid Coverage Foundation

Lashes to Kill Mascara

Prime & Fine Mattifying Powder

Ultimate Lip Glow Balm

Essential Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

Who: Classic beauty

What to buy: High performance products in timeless colors, and the Berry & Bright Bundle

The classic beauty is always selfie-ready and invests in staple beauty products rather than fly-by-night trends. To create a perfectly clear canvas, the Prime and Fine Anti-Shine Blur Stick is a great buy. With a few swipes, pores are refined, fine lines filled and oily zones mattified. Cream Lip Artist is the ideal lip product. Buttery soft and available in a range of timeless colors, the stylo pen gives accurate and total coverage. The Modern Matt Eyeshadow Palette has nine perfectly aligned and highly pigmented powder shadows that create a variety of contoured eyes: smoky, cat eye, cut crease, etc.


Other suggestions:

Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer

Ultimate Stay Lipstick

Glam & Doll False Lashes Mascara

Illuminating Blush

Who: Fearless trendsetter

What to buy: Latest formulations to create on-trend looks, and the Seasonal Sparkle Bundle

Fashion risks are life, so if there is a new look the fearless trendsetter has tried it. And, worked it. Like the ombré lip, which can be achieved with minimal fuss using the Ombré Two Tone Lipstick. To help the fearless trendsetter on your list individualize their ombré lip further, add a layer of Million Styles Lip Topcoat. Depending on the version, the topcoat provides a shimmering finish, covers the lips with metallic particles, or darkens the lipstick underneath. Complementing such a bold lip is extreme eyelash volume. Make it happen with Rock Couture Extreme Volume Mascara.


Other suggestions:

Liquid Metal Cream or Powder Eyeshadow

Waterproof Liquid Liner

Prime and Fine Contouring Sticks Duo

Highlighting Powder

Not sure which personality type you’re buying for? Do the quiz!