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June 01, 2017 By
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Find Your Palette Personality

Which NEW Catrice Eyeshadow Palette will suit your personality this summer?

New seasons are a great excuse to revamp (or reinvent) your look – Good news is we have just debuted four new eyeshadow palettes that offer you more color, more choice and more possibilities to enhance your look. Could they, by extension, enhance your inner self as well? Let’s see which palette is the perfect match for your personality!

The trailblazer

If someone else has seen, done, or worn it first, there’s no point in pursuing it, right? Your lifestyle and look sets the pace for everyone else and you have a makeup table full of what will surely be NEXT summer’s trends to prove it. 2017 is the summer of you, so why dust on a delicate neutral? Everything must be bold: wardrobe, career, your friend’s circle and makeup. So, go for the Modern Matt Palette. Its richly colored shadows range from silver-pink to dark plum – everything you need for a smoky statement eye

The social butterfly

Lovely and feminine, but down to earth, you’re the grownup version of the “girl next door”. Your kind and authentic personality has made you the center of your girl squad (each and every one of whom you love btw). You enjoy the good things in life, like a finely crafted cocktail and pretty Etsy finds, and you’re embracing everything that summer 2017 has to offer with your characteristic optimism. So make the most of it with the Nude Blossom Palette. It comes with nine pink hues that pair perfectly with glasses of rosé, enjoyed with good friends under sunny blue skies.

The alpha dog

Whether you’re taking on the boardroom, a new side project, or spin class, you’re always focused on a goal. Since you’re often doing something that will ultimately contribute to this summer’s “master plan” (whatever that may be), you need to look fabulous – effortlessly. Luckily for you the Essential Nudes have the right light and dark shades necessary for professional-level contouring. The innovative manufacturing of the palette has ensured the eyeshadows are long-lasting enough to keep up with your high-performance standards. Go forth and conquer!

The explorer

This summer the world is your oyster. Whatever your present life and job situation is, you always make mind-expanding travel and adventures your top priority, and you have the epic Instagram to prove it. It’s full of stories about new best friends in far-flung cities and stunning shots of secluded spots off the beaten path. With its light to dark and matt to pearly shades, the Precious Copper Palette suits your “wherever the wind takes me” lifestyle; it has all of the flattering powders you need to look your best on Bali beaches and no-holds-barred in Berlin clubs.

Refuse to be pigeonholed?

You do you: play around this summer, mixing-and-matching until you get the look that best expresses your very own brand of “palette personality”. Share your personal looks with us on Instagram and tag @catriceus with #palettepower for the chance to be featured on

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