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July 14, 2017 By
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Dare to Go Bare

As things heat up in July unleash your inner beauty with “au naturale” techniques and just six products.

There’s a prevailing myth that the “no makeup” look actually requires an avalanche of products. As temperatures (and the humidity) rise, it’s unappealing (and futile) to layer it on. However, with a little practice and the right technique, you can embrace the nude trend and keep your look (and product list) to the bare minimum.

1. First, prep and prime:

Going bare is all about a clear complexion, which is soooo simple to achieve in the midst of summer heat (sarcasm here). Working with just two products however, you can achieve glowing perfection (and avoid a major meltdown). Begin by treating your skin with Catrice’s Prime And Fine Anti-Shine Blur Stick. Labeled by many an “instant miracle worker” the stick blurs pores and fine lines. Suitable for any skin tone, you can use it as a priming base, but in summer just wear it alone. For imperfections that require a little more TLC, tackle them with a covers-anything concealer like Catrice’s Re-Touch Light Reflecting Concealer. Its medium coverage and creamy formula has light-reflecting pigments that hide shadows and blemishes.

2. Then, get cheeky:

When you dare to go bare, you dare to ditch contouring palettes and the layers of blushes and highlighters that get us through winter. Instead opt for a neutral and naturally-tanned look with a matte bronzer like Catrice’s Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder. Available in two almost-nude shades, just a hint of this powder is enough to create a sun-kissed complexion.

3. Next, give your peepers the minimalist treatment:

When the heat is on, eye makeup is the first to melt. Keep things simple by defining the natural shape of your eye. Apply eyeshadow a shade or two darker than your skin tone to the crease and line the top and bottom lids. Catrice’s Essential Nude Palette contains a collection of nine highly pigmented shadows – the perfect neutrals for this look. Then curl your lashes and sweep on a mascara like Catrice’s Lashes to Kill Waterproof Volume Mascara for subtle volume that won’t go south.

4. Finally, treat your lips to a balmy vacation:

When you go bare, you’ve got to go for the balm. To avoid a super shiny look, use a balm like Catrice Ultimate Lip Glow; it intensifies the natural color of your lips while also smoothing and hydrating. It’s one shade fits all, so your particular lip shade will depend on the pH level of your lips. Like science camp for makeup!

Pro Tip: Don’t forget your mattifying papers. When you dare to go bare, there’s a thin line between glowing and glaring. Let’s not cross it.