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June 07, 2017 By
  • Tips & Tricks

Better Than Falsies: A Guide to Making Mascara Work for Your Lashes

It’s often said our eyes are the window to the soul. Why not protect those precious windows by using our lashes as armor? It’s often tempting to settle for false lashes instead of enhancing our natural ones. While false lashes create that brilliant wide awake eye look, removing them incorrectly can cause damage. However, with the right care techniques, strong and healthy lashes are easily achievable; and, of course, applying a good mascara always helps to enhance the final look. Here are some of my favorite tips for getting those doll-like lashes with ease.

Prime Time

Don’t have a lash primer? That’s okay! Lashes are soft and gentle, so they will perform best when cared for with tender attention. Always ensure your lashes are clean and combed before beginning mascara application. After finishing a mascara tube, I clean off the wand and re-use it to comb lashes.

Curl, Curl, Curl

Start with your eyelash curler right at the root of your lash line. Hold for 3 seconds then move to the center of lashes. Hold for another 3 seconds then move curler to the tips of lashes and hold again for 3 seconds. This will ensure a firm hold and natural curl. Don’t have a curler? Not a problem. The Glam & Doll Curl + Volume Mascara is a two-in-one mascara. This mascara will not only curl your lashes from root to tip but it’ll also add volume.

Double Duty

Good news: you can use more than one mascara, if necessary. Choose any two mascaras that will target your needs. The Better Than False Lashes Volume Mascara is designed to grab every lash–separating and coating each hair–for optimal volume. Finally, add a layer of Lashes to Kill Ultra Black Mascara . The extra black pigment will tint your lashes, creating major drama.

Who needs falsie lashes when you have perfectly maintained lashes, and are armed with the best mascaras on the market?