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September 06, 2017 By
  • Tips & Tricks

Achieve maximum eyelash volume – no falsies required

Thanks to Instagram and reality TV stars, there’s never been a better time to embrace eyelashes with over-the-top volume. For most of us however, false eyelashes are an investment of time and effort. It’s all good for a special occasion, but not so much for everyday life. So, here are three steps to help increase eyelash volume, falsie-free:

1. Begin building volume with black eyeliner.

To create maximum eyelash volume you need to start at the roots. That means applying black eyeliner directly into the lash line, amidst the lashes themselves. Doing so will create a “thick” look. Try Catrice Glam & Doll Super Black Liner for a bold line.

2. Then, coat each and every eyelash.

This requires the right brush and the right technique. The right brush can be found in Catrice’s Pret a Volume Mascara. Aiming to replicate the look of false lashes, the mascara’s jumbo fiber brush provides dramatic volume and defined lashes in one easy step.


To build volume with technique, first hold your wand horizontally. Beginning at the base of your lashes, work your way to the tips and wiggle the brush a little bit from side to side to deposit more mascara on each lash. Then hold the brush vertically to increase the length of each lash.

3. Finally, maximize your eyelashes even more, with fibers.

Yes, fibers. Products like Catrice’s Lash Boost Lash Extension Fibres extend the length of your eyelashes and increase their volume by depositing delicate fibers onto the eyelashes. They’re easy to use, too. When your mascara is still wet, swipe on the fibers with the wand. Then swipe on a final coat of mascara.

Though not a one-step routine by any means, these tips will get you closer to creating the impact of false eyelashes – just with much less effort.