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May 31, 2017 By

The 2017 Guide for Hair and Makeup

Picture this: you finally take the plunge and commit to one of 2017’s hair color trends. Amazing feeling, right? But, then it dawns on you: not one bit of your current makeup color palette works with your new style. What do you do?

First research, then shop! Before you get started, here are some basic guidelines:


Going blonde can change everything about your personal style, right down to the clothes you wear. In fact you may find your skincare routine has to change. With platinum hair, redness and blemishes are much more obvious so a clear complexion is the gold standard. Achieve it with foundations and concealers that have neutral or yellow undertones, like the Catrice Camouflage Cream ConcealerAnd don’t worry – you don’t have to banish red and pink from your life entirely. These colors rule on your lips.


2017 is gearing up to be another big year for brown-blonde, otherwise known as “bronde”. Who can blame themselves for loving this look? Easy to pull off and maintain, bronde provides a neutral background for makeup. Literally anything goes. To show off your “it girl” credentials, opt for luscious statement brows a shade or two darker than your hair. A quick swipe with the Catrice Eyebrow Stylist and you’re set.

Rose gold

Rose gold is everywhere on Instagram, but because of its warmth there’s a thin line between bronzing and going orange on your face. Instead, brighten with a highlighter, or luminizer. Since virtually anything goes in terms of lip color, keep eyes subtle but captivating with cool shades of purple, green and blue.

Jet black (with optional burgundy balayage)

Girls who yearn for the modern Goth style need not look further. To avoid a ghostly pallor, achieve a creamy alabaster complexion (check out these kabuki brush pointers), and contour with a light bronzer in the cheek hollows and highlighter on the cheekbones. To ensure your eyes don’t get lost, go bold with black eyeliner and mascara.